Monday, June 22, 2015

Update and Poll Discussion

Hi Everyone!

So it's that time again for the Poll Discussion. I'm glad to see how many people voted in the latest poll about who would you switch bodies with? First off sorry I didn't put some of your choices such as spouse or children which I didn't really think about since I'm too young to have either one of them. While I should have put Co-Worker but didn't think about when I was creating the poll. Also the winner of the poll was Classmate with a vote count of 119 while it was neck and neck for second place which was Friend with 109 and Stranger with 107. The results were about what I predicted but it would have been interesting to see what would have happened with those other choices.

Moving on. The next poll discussion is about do you think we will ever body swapping happen within the next 100 years? Personally I feel like it could be possible since our technology has progressed so fast within the last 50 years so who knows what could happen in the next 100. Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Also an Update: I will be taking a break from my series that I release every Sunday but instead I'm going to explore other stories going on in that universe such as this one and other things going on in that universe. Don't worry this won't be the new monthly series I'm going to be doing which I'm proud to say won by 116 votes however since we are coming so close to the end of June. This will have to start in July since I am only half way done with this months Your Choice.

PS: I am still taking request which you can leave a comment on This Page or below in the comments.

Special Announcement: I am debating about still captioning while in Grad School since I love writing these stories however I definitely won't be as active as I have been lately,

Secret Switch

One Day At A Time

Going To Be A Lot Of Work

Friday, June 12, 2015


Hello Everyone,

I was thinking of doing a monthly series of captions example of this would be that it would relate what happens is going in the world in that month example July would be about someone's adventure of going to Exchange Island or Fourth of July theme. These would also come out at the end of the month on Sunday with the polls.

Tell me what you think and I'm also going to poll this idea.

PS: This might not happen in June since these series will be up to a minimum of 10 parts.


No Other Choice

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Polls Discussion #3

Hello Everyone,

I'm really glad to see that these polls are going well which is giving me insight on my audience more. The vote was I expected for Jealousy to win by 87. Though I'm surprised Comfort was ahead of it for a little while but lost at a vote count of 75. It's interesting to see that people would see being comfortable living as someone else since personally I feel great in my body even though I have struggles in my life, but I believe we are all in our bodies for a reason even if we do not know what that is.

Now onto the next polls discussion. This week I figured we would talk about who would you switch with in your life and why?

A Sibling
A Parent
A Friend
A Stranger
A Classmate
A Celeb

Worked Perfectly

Being Extending Indefinitely