Sunday, July 26, 2015

July Your Choice

So I'm kind of running out of ideas for these Your Choices after 10 months of doing them. So I was wondering what you guys would want to see for the August Your Choice so tell me via email or in the comment section.

She's Going To Freak Out

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Poll Discussion

Hi everyone it's that time again for a new poll Discussion. But first let's recap about the last one where I asked if you thought if body swapping would be possible within the next 100 years. The winning result was Possibly with 91 votes then Yes with 66. However what surprised me is that 42 of you said that body swapping would never happen. Which makes me wonder why you would be interested in body swapping. Tell me why you would think someone who was into body swapping wouldn't think it would be possible in the future.

Now moving on to the new Poll Discussion. If the Great Shift were to hit what age would you want your new body to be and why?

Middle Age
Elderly- Note I don't do Elderly captions lol

Personally I would rather be a child since I would be aware of what I'm doing this time and be able to be better than I was during this life now since I'll also age into the other groups at some point.