Monday, August 3, 2015

Poll Discussion & Update

Hi Everyone!

I have both good and bad news...

I'll give you the good news first. I've been meaning to put this up for the next Poll Discussion. However first let's go over a recap about the last poll. Which was if the Great Shift happened what age group would you hope to end up as and the winning option was Teenager with 129 votes followed by Child which ended up at 97 votes. Moving on to the next poll. I was thinking about this since it's summer vacation what type of trip would you prefer to do a bodyport trip where you switch bodies with someone else at another bodyport and you get to go on a vacation to Europe, Asia, etc. Or would you prefer to go to the Exchange Island where you are randomly swapped with someone on a tropical island.

Now for the bad news...I will no longer be captioning as of September 6th since I have just started my new job and I will be in grad school at the end of August. And I know I will not be capable of managing to write captions as well since I have just been feeling stressed out about writing captions as if it has become another job. But I am determined to reach September 6th because that will be my two year anniversary of my blog!


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