Saturday, April 9, 2016


Hello to all of my wonderful readers out there!

I want to inform you that my scheduled captions are running out faster than expected and I have been very busy with work so expect that some days will be missing until May 14th.

In other news my recent caption: "You Have Two Options" has gotten a lot of attention. Which I actually wanted to see if it would. Which I am really pleased to see that it is getting the attention I wanted it to. So I'm going to put it to a poll. Option 1: Should Derek swap bodies with Erica's mom and live temporarily as an older couple with Erica in her Father's body?  Or Option 2: Stay in his body while Erica's father is in her body and they have to live in an awkward relationship. Tell me what you think should happen and hopefully we'll form a good discussion. Caption In Question

I'll Do It