Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Update and Poll

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. I'm glad to say that I having been working on alot of your requests lately and most should be released some point next month. However it feels like I'm just doing captions for just one person so I've decided to bring back my caption story of the month for those you who don't know I am talking about this caption You Never Know What Will Happen. I have missed writing longer stories where I can give you a much better story like this one which is probably one of my favorite captions that I have written. However I want your guys input as well for these stories so I'll give you three options and the one that gets the highest votes will win. I am planning for these to released in the middle of the month.

So here are your three options.

1. A police officer is hunting down a criminal who is a serial killer that is capable of body hopping. Will the police officer find the criminal or will he become another victim in this killer's sick twisted games?

2. A couple is in trouble financial crisis and have no choice but to accept a permanent brain transplant with each other. Will their marriage work out or will they fail and be constantly reminded of their failure?

3. A guy takes Swap Class and ends up in his ex-girlfriend's body. Will they end up back together or stay broken up?

I really want everyone's input on this so feel free to leave comments or tell me what you would like to see the most. So this is how the voting will work for each comment or an email and/or Facebook message to me if you feel uncomfortable with saying who you are below. So each message or email towards certain options it'll either count as 2 or 3 points.

2 points
I want to see Option 2 happen.

3 points
I think it would be amazing in Option 2 to see that the couple fought through the awkwardness and decided to stay together.

While 1 point will just be a poll vote. So an example of this will be like in the caption You Have Two Options. The vote was extremely close which I'm happy so I'm up in the air about if I want to show both options on that. So in the case of a tie like this I will do the one with most votes first and the nest month will be the runner-up.

I look forward to what you everyone thinks about this!

Secret Switch

PS: If you do an Anonymous Vote leave like a signature at the end of your comment like a nickname such as what Felix does here.

Hey there Secret Switch,

long time no hear! How are you doing? :) I hope life is fine on your side.

Glad to see you are taking requests for the Summer, too. Am very fond of your writing style and the last request you did for me <3

May I kindly request once more? O:) If yes, does something along the following lines interest you?

What really thrills me in caps is the idea of ending up as a very short, petite woman - enjoying to be the "weaker sex" if you allow the clichée. Now of course this can't be in real life, but maybe in a caption I have a very understanding girlfriend who has just the means to help me live out that fantasy once in a while... what do you think? :)


More Fun To Torment You That Way

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Hello Everyone,

I am officially on summer break so I will be taking request up until beginning of August. Remember if I don't approve of the idea then I won't be writing it. I really want to see what you guys are capable of.

Secret Switch

I Can Change That If You Want