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Friday, June 10, 2016

Update and Poll

Hello Everyone,

I would like to say that the poll went very well and liked that I was able to get alot of ideas about all three ideas I originally had from you guys. But the winner is option 3 so this monthly release will be a Swap Class series. Which I have written about 35 parts for so far however I am only half way with this story and I have been enjoying it alot so far. 

So I decided I want to hear from you guys do you want to release half of it in the middle of the month and then release the other half at the end of the month or all at once at the end of the month? 

Also since I have noticed how long these series take to make now I'm going to also do the next poll for next month as well so here are the options.

1. A police officer is hunting down a criminal who is a serial killer that is capable of body hopping. Will the police officer find the criminal or will he become another victim in this killer's sick twisted games?

2. Follow the story of a teenage boy who realized that he was Swapped at Birth with a  famous teenager girl because of their last names and see how his life could have been different?

3. A family experiences weird experiences in their life when they are mysteriously swapped randomly with one another and follow them as they discover what is doing this to them.

Examples for Comments

3 points-Absolutely Option 3. Because at the same time as figuring out their feelings for each other they also have family members who had opinions about their relationship or just want to see them happy. Can you imagine if they discover like an old sweater that was never returned after the break-up? Thems some feels ~DAGS

2 points-Go with number one with the cop and oh yeah victim.-Dani Colorado

And of course normal poll votes count only for one point.

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