Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Hi Everyone it's been awhile since I've done a discussion question which I actually have two. One I was wondering how most of you feel towards F2M/M2M since I have been getting alot of request for them but I always feel this is definitely not something everyone would enjoy. Second if I were to do a second series like my series between my sister and me what would you like it to be since I have a series after that planned to continue after that finishes. But if there was to be another one what would you want it to be Great Shift, M2F/F2M, Body Hopping/Vacation, or a Swap Class one? I would want both perspectives to be hopping back and through like what's currently going on in my sister caption so I figured I would ask you guys what you would like to see next.

I Feel So Amazing

Monday, May 22, 2017

Request Update

Hello Everyone,

I figured the last request page was a little out of date.

Now that I am done with school for the summer though I'll be working. If I don't get to your request right away then be patient it will eventually happen within a week or two. Since if you are rude and pushy about it then I could care less and won't make it. But I know most of you are kind so send me a request to my email, facebook or the comment section below.


  1.  I don't do nude pictures or pictures of girls that I think are ugly.
  2. I am only doing one shot captions for request so saying you want me to make a series I won't do it. However if a caption really does interest me into making it longer I will.
  3.  I only do captions that I find interesting.
  4. If you basically write the entire caption in your comment it sucks out all the fun for me actually writing a story so it won't end up interesting me.
  5. Remember to be respectful and in return I will also be kind to you.

PS: Is there any captions I've done that you would want to see a sequel of?

Get Out Of Here

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Was A Bit Worried

So I have just finished writing this storyline so you'll see it in the next upcoming months. But I was wondering if you would like to see a spinoff like our dad also had two other test subjects or do another series. I would want it to be F2F so I could go back and forth like I have with this one so let me know.

Feels So Good To Be Young Again

I think this is one of my darker captions.