Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Was A Bit Worried

So I have just finished writing this storyline so you'll see it in the next upcoming months. But I was wondering if you would like to see a spinoff like our dad also had two other test subjects or do another series. I would want it to be F2F so I could go back and forth like I have with this one so let me know.


  1. carry it on!!!

  2. Maybe for a spin-off you could do you and your mom if you want to keep it F2F. Your dad wants to test it out on subjects with a larger age gap so he gets you and your mother to try it out. For another series maybe you could have a girl named Katelyn switch bodies with her friend Lori's mother because she thinks Katelyn is a bad influence and Katelyn wants to prove she isn't.

  3. first I l'd love to see another series.
    I likke your F/F even more than M/F.
    Great idea of a curse where they have to pretend to be each other in a family setting.

    1. Thanks I'm actually working on an F2F that's a follow up to this series now. I'm surprised to hear you actually like my f2fs more though.