Sunday, July 23, 2017

Finally Be Accepted


  1. Its no secret that I am admirer. So I thinkit might be a goofd idea that you stop your animal human swaps for a tim until you get some new ideas or a fresh approach. You don't seem very interestedin them now.
    You ight want to pergaps say start a darker series where some animal - perhaps an added irony ebcomes a human because a concet & starta tricking people out of their odies to get more animals human & it grows - perhaps the peoiple are oconvinced that it will be cool or if they do they wll get sex or even have sex as an aninal. Just an idea.

    1. Hi Eotten,
      Honestly I kind of feel the same way towards my animal captions being kind of repeative but I would feel bad not having a new caption everyday so I don't know what I would replace them with while I would come up with new ideas.